Howard Hill

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Rumours of Tumours

Today was a big day. Annie and I went to see consultant neurologist Miss Stana Bojanic to discuss my brain scan results. The good news is that tumour is not malignant, but rather a slow-growing meningioma. She showed us the scans, what different bits showed and the...

Annie at Bagley Wood

I heard that… pardon?

Today I went for an appointment to SpecSavers. To have my hearing checked. So the guy put headphones on me and gave me a buzzer and sent all sorts of noises at me. I dutifully pressed the buzzer each time I could hear a noise. Anyway - much to my surprise the very...


Loud Sound

Saturday morning - Annie kindly drove me to the JR but this time came in with me. We were there for nearly 9 hours (similar to yesterday) but it was worth the effort. Once more I was examined and tested, had a cannula fitted, and this time an MRI scan. My goodness,...

Annie and Howard


I awoke on Thursday 25th March 2021 feeling very poorly. The room was spinning, my vision was blurred and I was seeing double. I thought nothing of it. Just a one-off. The next morning the same thing happened. So Annie rang 111 and after answering many questions, a...

JR Cannula