Howard Hill

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My Photography

The Journey It's more to do with the journey, not just the arrival. Much as I like the end product of a great portfolio of photos, what I love more than that, is having my camera in my hand and taking photos. I just love being out and about, snap snapetty snapping. Cameras As a youngster, I...

My Bands

It's Bank Holiday Monday in May 2021 so thought I'd while away a few hours tweaking my websites. This post is about my bands and I will elaborating on them during the next ... well, who knows?     I play for several different bands and dance groups in and around Wantage. Cornucopia...

Besselsleigh Woods

I wanted to see some more bluebells before the season was over, so Annie and I headed off for Appleton and walked to Besselsleigh Wood (just off the A420). I had a tough time of it. Carrying my camera, stool, backpack and walkie takies, I managed to drop stuff, make myself really dizzy and...

Besslesleigh Woods


Patrick collected me and off we went to Jean’s back garden in Grove. Cornucopia practice of course! I had a beer (thank you Patrick) and homemade biscuits (thank you Jean) and really enjoyed playing while Patrick and Jim fiddled, and the ladies danced.    

Cornucopia practice

Rumours of Tumours

Today was a big day. Annie and I went to see consultant neurologist Miss Stana Bojanic to discuss my brain scan results. The good news is that tumour is not malignant, but rather a slow-growing meningioma. She showed us the scans, what different bits showed and the two options for treatment....

Annie at Bagley Wood

Badbury Clump bluebells

Annie and I drove to Badbury Clump (National Trust). We were fairly early so had our breakfast with us. We followed our usual pattern; Annie goes for walk while Howard takes photos (that’s a walk too but with lots of stopping and starting). Then we meet up at a time and place, or text each...

Badbury Clump

Folk Weekend Oxford (FWO)

This weekend was Folk Weekend Oxford 2021 (the event previously know as the Oxford Folk Festival). The whole shebang was put together virtually, using Zoom, YouTube and Facebook. What a mammoth task, but thankfully, no mammoths were hurt during the weekend. Well, hardly any. My contribution was...

Howard Hill Rose Hips OFW

Wantage Community Church

I was delighted to be invited to play bass in the worship band today. Annie (my minder for the day) accompanied me (no, not on tambourine!) and set up my bass amp, bass and iPad stand. I was still suffering from dizziness, but keeping myself fairly still I was able to play and it was a real joy...

Jim Knight and Howard Hill

Scutchamer Knob

Annie and I drove to the car park on the Ridgeway just above West Ilsley, and we walked to Scutchamer Knob and back. Although it sounds like a gentleman's affliction, our destination was an early Iron Age barrow. It is a semi-circular bank but originally it was probably a round barrow. Its...

Scutchamer Knob

Howard’s bird feeder

It's been a bit quiet on the garden bird front this year. However, on the 16th April 2021 I saw a pair of blue tits using the facilities. I opened our conservatory window quietly, grabbed my camera and long lens, and snap snap.