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Loud Sound

Saturday morning – Annie kindly drove me to the JR but this time came in with me. We were there for nearly 9 hours (similar to yesterday) but it was worth the effort. Once more I was examined and tested, had a cannula fitted, and this time an MRI scan. My goodness, that wasn’t very nice. 1 hour and 15 minutes in an iron maiden-like device that also sounded like Iron Maiden on a bad day.

After quite some time, the doctor confirmed that I have what looks like a tumour associated with the meninges (a¬†meninogioma). It’s pressing on my spinal cord and artery, but not growing into either. These tumours are 99% benign and slow growing. Seems like I’ve had it for some while (years?).

Due to the tumour, they won’t treat the dizziness (benign paroxysmal positional vertigo or¬†BPPV) in case the treatment aggravates it. That means I have to put up with it for a while (weeks / months).

I now await the report from a multi-disciplinary panel at the JR (neurosurgeons, radiologists etc).

Annie and Howard