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Streamed music 2020

Jigworks. One of the biggest impacts of corona virus was that I have only done one paid gig in 2020 and that was with Jigworks Ceilidh Band. I normally do around 50 or 60 gigs a year (with various bands and a mixture of paid and unpaid events). The one I did with Jigworks was a Burns’ Supper in the Officer’s Mess at RAF Benson. Dear me – that lot can’t half drink. I can see why they call it a mess.

Slow Session. I recorded Justin playing a few tunes, and then conduced a Zoom session, where Justin (recorded) and I would play tunes and the guests could join at home. It worked, but was very hard work. Later on we met up in Justin’s back garden and he streamed the music from there. That worked, mainly because at least some of us were together (Howard, Justin, Lucia, Jim). It was fun for us in the garden anyway.

Wantage Community Church worship band. This was streamed from homes using Facebook Live and Zoom, managed using Stream Deck. It was a huge learning process for our church, especially trying to get decent sound. I wasn’t recruited as part of the initial team (and maybe that was a good thing as it was quite complicated but I’m now way behind with how it’s done) however, I did offer my help with filming once the services moved from home to our new home in GEMS Academy (now called Wantage Primary Academy).



May 2020 Whoosya streamed a Facebook Live gig in May in our back garden. Mostly country blues.

June 2020 Troubshort and Turnipseed videos. We got together in Chalgrove and I filmed us playing a handful of songs. Enormous fun. One of the videos was broadcast as part of “The Friday Sessions” by the Cornerstone Arts Centre, Didcot.

June 2020 Melobo videos. I put together 3 music videos of Melobo, where we all played separately in our homes and then I synchronised them together, as if we were playing together. It was a challenge at first (new technique to me), but having seen so many of these videos with other groups, I thought I had to give it a try. It worked!

June 2020 John Spiers Pub Session videos. I took part in two of John Spiers’ Isolation Pub Sessions. It was a real privilege to be able to play along with a superb musician of international standing, even if it was all done with oodles of smoke and mirrors. By that I mean synchronised video.

December 2020 Melobo Christmas video I videoed Melobo playing some Christmas carols and I put it together as a video for Wantage Mayor’s Carols in December 2020 (Zoom and Facebook Live).

December 2020 Pandemonium Christmas video I edited together some music from the Pandemonium archive with some Christmassy photos into a video for Wantage Mayor’s Carols in December 2020 (Zoom and Facebook Live).